Everything we learned about FIFA 18 Ultimate Team at FUT Live

After a shaky technical start which comprised multiple “pre-show” introductions (to the always great displeasure of the Twitch chat), Buy FIFA 18 Coins Online LIVE finally got underway last night and once it did, the Ultimate Team news came thick and fast. So here’s a recap of everything we saw:

The biggest hitter of FUT Live was the reveal of the all new Icons Stories which will see three card variants of each Icon based around the most significant moments of their illustrious career’s. With one standout “Prime” version of each Icon set to be released at intervals throughout the season. The different Icons will also have their own unique in-game appearance based on how they looked at that point in time – a very nice touch.

Everyone (perhaps quite rightly) cacked themselves at Henry’s LW 90 version so it was nice to have that bit of deliberate miscommunication resolved and as well as the new triple Icon model, it was great to see some brand new faces in the mix with Ronaldinho the standout most requested community addition.

I guess the thing I would have liked to have seen extra from Icon Stories was an actual story element. Perhaps an in-game scenario we could play to try and recreate one of their most famous goals, or moments? Scenario Mode was a great addition in the World Cup and Euro games, and I’d hoped it may be leveraged here to play in to the stories behind why these versions were picked?

Also it would have perhaps been nice for the “Prime” versions of each Icon card to perhaps look a bit more special in style? A different frame colour, or a slightly different texture. I don’t know; just something to make those pinnacle versions of each Icon really standout, perhaps.


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