Doctor DisRespect Live Streams for Live Target audience at Dreamhack Winter season 2017

If you’ve ever asked yourself the number of people popular streamers could actually attract to a live display, then Dr DisRespect and Dreamhack are on hand to provide the solution.

Hugely popular reside streamer Dr DisRespect moved his set up to the stage during the Buy H1z1 skins Dreamhack Winter 2017 event, as a live audience of thousands viewed him live stream directly in front of them.

Known for his charismatic live streams upon Twitch, Dr DisRespect surged in popularity over the past year, reputed for streaming Battle Royale games such as H1Z1 and Player Unkown’s Battlegrounds as well as system titles such as Contact of Duty, together with his motto of “violence, speed and momentum” driving the action.

Recently picking up their award for Streamer of the year in the Esports Industry Awards, the Doctor’s next event appearance took the form a reside stream for a stadium audience, courtesy of Dreamhack’s Winter Esports as well as Gaming convention in Jönköping, Sweden.

Playing primarily Battle Royale game Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, the Doctor put on a show, both in the actual cyber space and the physical.

The game play was also casted for the audience in some sections, all while Dr DisRespect was live on their personal channel.

Probably the Doctor will think about making this a regular point, and could set a precedent meaning followers could see live-performed-live-streams at more video gaming events in the future.


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